Enrolment Statement for Te Rā School

State-integrated schools select preference students based on the connection to the special character of the school.

Special Character Preference

A student shall be given preference of enrolment when the proprietors deem that the student’s parents, caregivers or legal guardians have demonstrated a connection with Waldorf Education, as per the Special Character of the school. This is determined during the enrolment process by the kindergarten kaiārahi (for ECE enrolments) or by one of the co-principals (for the school).

The grounds for preference are the specific or general connection the family has to the aims, values and principles of Waldorf education. This means that the parents/caregivers agree to:

  • Providing a signed Special Character Contribution pledge form to signal genuine willingness to actively support Waldorf education being delivered to their child(ren)
  • Respect and uphold key aspects of Waldorf special character education, our pedagogy and curriculum
  • Respect and uphold a healthy community life through respectful and purposeful communication via the school’s communication pathways
  • Pro-actively support the educational process at home and at school, with support and guidance from the teachers
  • Regularly attend class whānau hui to be informed about and accompany their child’s educational journey and learn more about our special character.

Special Character Non-Preference

As state integrated school Te Rā School has places for non-preference enrolment for students on the school roll. Te Rā School has a maximum of 3 non-preference places. The applicants accept that they will be attending a school of special character and that their place in the school is conditional on their child/children’s participation in the programme.

Enrolments Waiting List

When there are more applications for enrolment than we have places available, children can be waitlisted for enrolment at Te Rāwhiti Kindergarten and Te Rā School, either for the preference, or the non-preference enrolment pathway. Whānau will be contacted if places become available within the calendar year.

At the end of each calendar year, our waiting lists will be cleared. Please contact our enrolment officer to confirm that you wish for your child/children to be placed on the waiting list early for the new school year.

Priority criteria for both pathways apply as follows:

  1. Siblings of children already enrolled at kindergarten or school.
  2. Children or grandchildren of permanent staff at Te Rāwhiti kindergarten and Te Rā School, members of the Board of Trustees or the Kapiti Waldorf Trust.
  3. For kindergarten enrolments only: children who have been attending one of our Te Rāwhiti playgroups on a regular basis with their parent/caregiver.
  4. Children of former students of Te Rā School
  5. Transfers from other Waldorf kindergartens/schools within New Zealand or internationally.
  6. All other applications for enrolment.

Children enrolled in one of our kindergartens automatically transfer to our school roll during their last year of kindergarten. Prior to the transition to Class 1, parents/caregivers are contacted to confirm the transition.