Raphael House Upper School

For many years, Te Rā School has had a strong affiliation with Raphael House. As an state-integrated Rudolf Steiner area school, Raphael House offers a broad, Waldorf-based education for children and young adults from the age of 4 years (kindergarten) to 18 years, Class 12 (year 13), set within a bush-clad hillside on 12 acres of land in the western hills of Lower Hutt, Wellington.

Graduates from Te Rā School are welcome to apply for enrolment for the high school years (classes 8-12) in their Upper School.

From the Raphael House website:

The guiding principle in the Upper School is to lead the student, through the specific nature of the curriculum, to the understanding that “the world is true”. One urges the student, by modelling reverence and responsibility for the world around, training the feeling life through the artistic method, and strengthening the will through moral action, to engage in a living knowledge of the world.

It is not in the philosophy of Rudolf Steiner schools to pressure young people to hurry through childhood, but to bring those youthful qualities into adulthood that characterise the human being as a creative individual. The young adult is led to an understanding of nature that is valid for the whole human being. In the whole curriculum, arts and science complement: in the creative and self- active practical work, the elements of knowledge and understanding arise.

Visit the Raphael House School website for more information.